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The world's most famous chefs! Take your culinary skills to the next level and join the world's most celebrated culinary artists as they share their favorite recipes, tips and tricks of the trade in each monthly selection of the Celebrity Cookbook of the Month Club.

Get insights and ideas about how to create the very best appetizers, main courses, side dishes and desserts. Learn creative ways to prepare the most delicious pastries, the most succulent meat dishes, the perfect soufflé - and everything in between. It's simply the best way to get the best advice from the best chefs - right in your own kitchen.

Get Ready: We've assembled a powerful array of mentors to make sure each and every meal you create is simply perfect. Each month you'll receive a specially-selected cookbook from a celebrity chef - whether a famous restaurant owner like Scott Conant, a Food Network star like Ellie Krieger, or a culinary legend like Francois Payard.

BONUS! Your first selection, Weeknight Wonders by Food Network host Ellie Krieger, will be signed by the author! Order now, this exclusive club benefit is only for a very limited time.