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Cookies, cakes, and confections, oh my! Learn the secrets to making sensational cookies and cakes, perfect pastries and pies, and to-die-for artisanal breads. From the classic favorites that Mom used to make, to modern creations that will become your new favorites, we'll help you show off your culinary creativity and flair for flavor.

With selections from baking legends like pastry chef François Payard and dessert diva Rose Beranbaum, and history-making institutions like Larousse Kitchens and Bettey Crocker, you'll learn the baking-secrets, tips and tricks that won't just make you a better baker - they'll probably make you the most popular person in your household!

Get Ready: Each month you'll receive a specially-selected cookbook from top chefs and authors that specialize in the art of baking. Guaranteed to both educate and inspire, these delicious recipes will change the way you bake.

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